You watch as the soldiers bind Jesus. Hesitant at first, obviously remembering their recent, unexplained fall, they eventually steel their nerves and go about their task with gusto.

"Hah!" one of them exclaims. "You were afraid of this weakling, Marcos?"

"Me? You were the one who jumped back at the sight of the little dagger. That Galileean probably hasn't used a blade for anything other than cleaning fish!"

The first soldier chuckles, and then glances quickly at Malchus, the servant who had been cut -- not a drop of blood remains around the ear. He looks up at Jesus who simply returns his gaze and says nothing. With a shudder, the soldier looks away and tightens the bonds once more.

With the prisoner secure and his followers fled, the crowd reverses its course back to Jerusalem. The full moon has already descended from its zenith and now hangs directly behind the temple which towers over the Kidron Valley before you. The company proceeds down from the Mount across the brook and then south along the city's eastern wall. Eventually you pour through the Water Gate and into the lower part of city, the City of David.

All is quiet, except for the echo of many sandled feet. Here and there a lamp is lit or a curious head, still drowsy with sleep, pops out of a window. The crowd itself, somewhat hushed in the olive garden, begins to come to life. By the time the group arrives at the courtyard of the high priest's palace, the priests and scholars are talking excitedly and the soldiers are exchanging crude jokes. The crowd marches right up the steps and into the palace itself.

Enter with the crowd.
Stay in the courtyard.