Like startled rabbits, the eleven men bound through the trees and over the low wall into the darkness beyond. The soldiers hurl insults and threats at their rapidly disappearing backs, but make no real move to follow them. Although you quickly lose sight of most of the disciples yourself, you manage to stay behind two of them. The one whom Jesus had called Peter glances over his shoulder once, but he doesn't act as if he saw you.

As you race down the hill, the Temple looms ominously in front of you. Reaching the brook, the lowest point in the Kidron Valley, you would guess that thirty men standing on top of each other would not reach the pinnacle of the tower walls ahead of you.

The two disciples splash across the brook and follow it to the south, obviously heading for the Water Gate, one of the two most southern gates into the city. They don't slow down until they are in sight of the gate itself, just past the Gihon Spring. Finally they drop to a brisk walk so as not to attract the attention of the guards.

You enter the gate a number of paces behind them and step into the lower city, the City of David, where all is peaceful and quiet. As it should be. It is, after all, well past midnight. The only thing you hear is your own heavy breathing and rapidly beating heart. That is, until you turn the corner. Just ahead you spot the two men you had been following. They are talking in hushed tones, but just loud enough for you to make out their conversation.

"Where did everyone else go?"

"I thought I saw my brother go around to the north with your brother James. They're probably headed for the Fish Gate. I sure hope they're all right."

"Andrew and James can take care of themselves, Peter. It didn't look like the soldiers were following any of us. But Jesus, on the other hand...."

The two men fall silent, heads hung low. What is it that they're feeling right now, you ask yourself. Shame? Disappointment? Failure?

The one called Peter finally asks, "Where do you think they'll take him, John?"

"I don't know. Maybe to the high priest. They'll probably want to question him."

"About what?" asks Peter. "They've had their chance all week. They seemed to give up, though, after Jesus asked them about John's baptism. I thought they were going to leave him alone -- and now this!"

John nods his head soberly. "Maybe they'll let him go after they find out that they can't accuse him of any doing anything wrong."

"Let's go find out." Peter says suddenly.

"Are you crazy? We were lucky to get out of that garden alive. If they spot us again, especially after what you did to that servant--"

"Don't worry. Nothing's going to happen to any of us. Jesus will make sure of that. But how are we going to get into the high priest's palace?"

John thinks for a moment and then says, "They know me there. I can get us in."

You duck into the shadows of a doorway as the two men look quickly around before setting off for the palace of Caiaphas, the high priest. You decide to tag along behind.

Some time later you find yourself outside the palace of the high priest. You hear the sound of many people heading your way. The crowd from the garden has arrived with the prisoner in their midst. Bound and haggard, Jesus nevertheless walks upright and without complaining. The throng filters into the courtyard and on into the palace.

You notice John among those allowed into Caiaphas' palace, but Peter has obviously decided to remain outside in the courtyard with the servants. A chill runs down your spine.

Enter the high priest's palace with the crowd.
Warm your hands by the fire in the courtyard.