Feeling that you've learned enough from the young man, you turn your attention back to the tired twelve. Their leader, Jesus, as the boy called him, is talking quietly with them. The man points to the gate through which you entered, and all heads in the garden turn to look.

Just beyond the low wall, you notice the flickering of many torches. While you stand watching from the shadows, a large crowd enters through the gate. Some of them are heavily armored, and carry swords that gleam in the moonlight. You recognize them as Roman soldiers stationed in Jerusalem. Others, armed with clubs, appear to be from the Temple guard under the jurisdiction of the Jewish chief priests. In fact, a large number of the priests and scribes themselves are accompanying this mixed militia.

As out of place as this band seems in the tranquill setting of Gethsemane, the oddest feature is the leader. Some fifteen to twenty paces ahead of the rest, he strides down the path as if unaware that a small army is close behind him.

"That's Judas," whispers the boy, sliding into the shadow of a nearby olive tree. "But what is he doing with Jesus' enemies?"

The crowd of soldiers and holy men is marching directly towards the twelve, whose leader is also moving to meet them.

Join the crowd.
Creep closer to hear, but stay hidden.