"Who is this 'Master' of yours?" you ask him.

The young man stares at you incredulously, "Why, he is Jesus of Nazareth. Surely you heard about his triumphant entry into Jerusalem on the first day of this week! He has been in the Temple almost every day since then, teaching us. That's him over there." He points to the man who is leading the farthest group of three back to the others.

You do recall a rather large commotion about four or five days ago. The high priests and other religious leaders of the Jews have been buzzing like bees ever since then, but you had attributed it to this week's holiday celebrations.

"Jesus is not only a great teacher," the youth continues excitedly, "he performs miracles, too! I myself have seen him perform fifteen miracles. Fifteen! But they say that is just a small portion of all the people he has cured: he has given sight to the blind and hearing to the deaf; he has cast out demons and healed the lame; I heard that not just once but twice he fed thousands of people with just a few loaves of bread and a couple fish! I believe he is the Messiah that God promised through Moses and the Prophets."

Ask him about "the others."
Ask him about the prophecies.
Stop talking with the youth.